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Is seo dead ? This is a major question that most blogger and youtubers want to be aware of. Here is the main reasons why people think seo is dead.

Seo as we know stand for search engine optimization, it has to do with the ranking factors, quality and quantity of a web page.

If you read our previous article on WHAT IS SEO? You must have at least know what seo is, how to apply it to your blog, the types of seo and why you need seo.

Is Seo Dead


Most people who think that seo is dead (even bloggers think and write so). 

If you do a search about seo, whether seo is dead or not, you will see among the pop up questions a post which was written by medium well

The post state why local seo is dead. I guess search engine was able to pick that answer among the numerous write ups.

To read the true article, here is a link to it.

The post stated that local seo is dead and gave some of the listed key point which was in this article(what is seo)_about off page seo as what is actually taking over.

The reasons which the author gave was quiet convincing but it isnt the truth.

Here are the list of reasons why people think seo is dead

#1. Their article probably rank in a search keyword that has no or limited competition.

#2. Their web page ranked top page without them doing anything about it.

#3. Social media generated much traffic than necessary.

#4. Their post are sponsored by influencers.

#5. They apply ads to boost their value.

Now let’s go deep into real explaining from most of these web page that think seo is dead 

#1. Their article probably rank in a search keyword that has no or limited competition.

If you have never have your share of this then I guess you started your blog as a pro blogger.

When you start blogging as a beginner, most of your first 10 article will have problem with their title, permalink and you might not even consider search engine as a factor.

Once when I notice this with my first blog, I was happy that I had rank #1 on google until i went to check the keyword search volume. 

Boom! I was down casted. It the number of people searching about that keyword per month is me, myself and I.

The reason it is me, myself and i is because i always go there to show people that am on page one of google. Dumb!.

So this is the first reason people say seo is dead.

#2. Their web page ranked top page without them doing anything about it.

Once I wrote a blog post about the education system, the post was having more share on social media.

I was surprised one day to see that the post was on the first page of google. 

I didn’t even know how or why until when I heard about ubersuggest and i rank a keyword overview on my website.

I found out that my webpage had backlink that i wasn’t aware of. I was really amazed and that was how I knew why my page ranked on the first page of Google.

#3. Social media generated much traffic than necessary

Every blogger know this. Most times, when we cant rank for some keywords, we focus more on social media and at the end, we generate much traffic from it.

Generating traffic  from social media or having more visitors come from social media is a part of seo.

This then prove that seo for blogger and web pages is not dead but continue to grow.

#4. Their post are sponsored by influencers.

Sure every blogger who is an influencer can make your post trend by just commenting or sharing it.

I visited a website and saw an article of how to get at least a thousand visitor to a page.

When I checked the article, it was all about using influencers. The author got a break when a celebrity shared his article and then he turned that into a process.

Influencers can help you boost your page but that doesn’t take away you the place of seo from blogging.

#5. They apply ads to boost their value.

 Ever gone to facebook and see a blog post with an indicator (sponsored!)?

Yea that is a way of getting more visitor without focusing on organic seo.

Doing that is a good means and method if you are running an ecommerce or any B2B website.

For local blogs, running ads for your blogpost can easily ruined you, take your money and make you end up broke.

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Very much yes. Seo is totally alive and is living healthy.

As long as there is always keyword competition, there will always be fight for who will rank top.


If you have enough money, you could or you shouldn’t. It all depends on your budget.

You can also perform all the above listed methods for free If you can reach out to influencers, go for keyword will low traffic e.t.c


SEO is not dead and the prove that seo is still active is that you can rank your blog post organically without spending money for anything.

I hope you are convinced not to let some top bloggers deceive you into giving up on you up growing blog?

Here is a tip for you, if you haven’t read about the mistake I made blogging and why I came to blogger, you should.

QUESTION FOR YOU : do you think seo will ever die or will evolved?

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